Google Assistant is always getting smarter and learning new tricks, but it doesn’t usually need big user-facing updates to make it happen. You will, however, need to get your hands a little dirty for an upcoming Assistant update if you’re using any smart home devices. Google is sending out an email to Assistant users to let them know smart home gadgets will need to be relinked in the near future.

The email is vague about what exactly is included in the update, saying just that it will enable new features in the future. In order to keep using your smart home devices (like Hue lights, Nest Thermostats, and SmartThings), you will need to manually accept the update. Unfortunately, that means unlinking and relinking all your devices and configuring rooms and nicknames all over again. See the email below.

The upgrade message will appear on your phone if an update is required, probably after you issue a command to one of the affected services. You can access the settings to unlink by going through either the Home app or Google Assistant, depending on how you connected the devices originally. Services that need to be set up again will have an “Upgrade” label next to them.

Google isn’t saying exactly when this is going to start happening, so keep an eye out.