Nokia 6 (2018) loses capacitive keys and moves fingerprint sensor to back

It’s been about a year since we first heard about the new Nokia phones, including the Nokia 6. Although it took a bit longer for the phone to hit stateside, it rounded out HMD Global’s new Android portfolio reasonably well. What few disadvantages we might have seen appear to be fixed in the 2018 version, which just leaked in a detailed product listing by Chinese retailer Suning.

On paper, the 2018 version of the Nokia 6 is nearly identical to its forebear, with only a few tweaks such as the chipset and some trickle-down features like the “bothie” from the Nokia 7 and 8. A few specs, like screen size, resolution, and panel type are still unknown, so there could be more changes in store. The new Snapdragon 630 should please those that weren’t impressed by the previous year’s Snapdragon 430.

In addition to the numerical specs, another common gripe has been changed in the new model. HMD has moved the fingerprint reader around back where most people seem to prefer it, and the capacitive keys have been dropped in favor of the on-screen variety. That’s a change I approve of, but it’s sure to be a polarizing detail.

It might be 2018, but HMD is still looking back when it comes to the Micro-USB port on Nokia 6. While that might come in handy in specific markets, it’s unfortunate that the death of the old standard is being drawn out quite so long.

Based on the photos provided, it should come in at least two color options: black or white. Both look like they come with snazzy reddish-copper accents and a black bezel.

There’s no word yet on a global/international version, but if last year’s Nokia 6 is any indicator, one can be expected, perhaps with a US launch to follow some months later.

For the full details, you can check out the leaked product listing. It is in Chinese, though and for whatever reason, Chinese websites seem to prefer using text embedded in images, making it difficult to use automated translation.

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